Friday, October 31, 2008


I am soooo excited! Our pictures that we got taken a couple of weeks ago are done! Here are a few of my favorite pictures! There are a ton more on the website.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An afternoon at Kelly Park in San Jose

Today was a great day! AJ and I took the kids to a place here in San Jose called Kelly Park. It's a place where they have replicas of what San Jose looked like back in the day. It has cute little shops and buildings and a Japanese friendship park that was really pretty. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the fresh air. Jaden loved the ducks and the big fish in the pond.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RaNdOm, RaNdOm, RaNdOm...

It's late, I can't sleep, I blog. :)

With different things that have happened lately I appreciate my amazing mom more and more. She is my number one support system. She is always on my side, supporting me, cheering me on, reminding me what's important, listening, and being a best friend. I love her a lot.

I cannot stand it when people don't have simple manners. When someone does something for you, say thank you. When you need something say please. When you do something wrong say you're sorry. I am so grateful that my parents raised me to have good manners.

It makes me sad when my babies are sick. Jaden has a cold. His nose is running like a river and he is coughing all through the night. Poor little guy.

I am grateful for AJ making me feel so beautiful. Today I didn't even do my makeup and he still said I was beautiful. I am grateful for the way he looks at me and still to this day makes me melt every time we kiss.

I am sad that the Utes are ranked #10 now and BYU went way down. But I still love my Cougars.

I hate silk sheets...they make me all sweaty, yuck.

I am grateful for my wonderful family and how they are so involved in Jaden and Kaylie's life.

I voted last week and it is such an awesome feeling! It's the first time I have ever voted. I am excited to be a part of a historical presidential election. Some day my children will be learning about this election in school and hopefully learning about the first black President of the United States of America!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun with Daddy!

The kids and I have been here in San Jose since Friday, visiting AJ/Daddy! AJ picked us up at the airport and had a rose for me in his hand. awww! I love him! It has been so much fun. AJ and I are having a great time being together and taking care of the kids. Kaylie absolutely loves her daddy. AJ has been taking care of her mostly and I have been taking care of Jaden since Jaden is a mama's boy. :) He is determined to make Kaylie a Daddy's girl.

Yesterday we went to AJ's daughter Aaliyah's softball game. Jaden and Kaylie met their big sister for the first time! Right now Aaliyah, AJ, and Jaden are outside playing catch and having a good time. Aaliyah is a beautiful girl! AJ's genes are definitely dominant because Aaliyah, Jaden and Kaylie all look like him.
Later that night we went over to a barbecue at Erin's house, she is AJ's long time friend. Erin had a baby with AJ's cousin, so that makes our kids second cousins. Jaden and Jasmine had so much fun playing together. They were dancing on the coffee table to all the songs that would come on the radio. They dance exactly alike, it was pretty cute.
Jasmine and Jaden kept kissing each other and giving hugs. They love each other. Anyway I better get back to playing with the kids. I will blog more later when I have time!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

good one mom :)

First thing you do after work or when kids go to bed -- blog, lay on the couch
Favorite radio station – 97.1zht
Favorite brand of pizza -- Godfather's Pizza mmmm
If there were a bowl of m&m’s or plate of nachos which would you eat if you could only have one of them ---- peanut m&m's
Fly or drive? - fly for sure
Favorite smell? -- cologne
What is the first thing you notice about a person? - eyes and what they're wearing
What is you talent? – being a good mommy :)
Favorite decoration or piece of furniture in your home – my bed
Favorite magazine - Glamour and Cosmopolitan
2 favorite names right now (other than your kids if you have any) – Brylee and Brady
How old were you when you had your first crush on someone? - 4 :) hehe
What is your bed time? - midnight
Morning or night person? - night
Last time you screamed? - at the Haunted Forrest
Do you laugh out loud often or mostly just smile? laugh out loud
One thing you remember about a grandparent -- Grandma Weidler always had her nails painted and her hair pretty; Grandpa Weidler loved to take us on a walk down the hill and to the pool; Harry loved to play games with us and watch *N Sync concerts with me; Grandpa Thomas was always smiling and teasing; Grandma Thomas made the best homemade bread ever!
Favorite team (any sport) -- BYU Cougars AND Dallas Cowboys
Other than to see family, where in the world would you go today if you could go right now? -- Hawaii

Monday, October 20, 2008

Drama queen :) gotta love her!

I've said it before, and I'll say it little Kaylie is a drama queen! I love her to pieces! But she has some new things she likes to do to prove that she is a drama queen. The past few months she has been a really good sleeper, goes to bed at about 8 and wakes up maybe once during the night and then in the morning at 8 or 9. Well the past week she has decided to wake up every 3 hours. So the other night I said enough was enough. She woke up at about 1 am wanting to eat and I wouldn't let her, I rocked her for a few minutes and she fell right to sleep. I layed her in her crib and she instantly woke up. So I let her cry in the crib for about 20 minutes. Her and I share a room so I could see her head bobbing around in the crib. The next thing I know she is pulling down the bumper pads and banging her head on the crib!!! I couldn't believe it. I of course picked her up and got her to calm down so she wouldn't seriously injure herself. So now when I am rocking her to sleep and she doesn't want to go to sleep or she is overtired she will bang her head all over my shoulder and collar bone. I will hopefully get a video of it soon so you can see what I'm talking about. She is all over the place! It's pretty funny, but also frustrating when I'm trying to get her to sleep. And of course she still scratches herself. She scratches her ears and neck when she is hungry, and does it in a fast motion, so dramatically. She is a handful for sure but soooo much fun to have in our family. When she is not being a drama queen she is so happy and sweet. The smile on her face just melts my heart every time. She is loving being able to crawl around everywhere and follow her brother and I. She is all over the place; crawling under tables, down the hall, almost off my bed, any place she can go, she will go. It's so fun to watch Jaden and Kaylie play together. Jaden is such a good big brother. Last week my friend was babysitting the kids and she said that her and Jaden left the room for a few minutes, and left Kaylie with her husband and she started to cry. Jaden stopped instantly and ran back to make sure Kaylie was okay. The other day Kaylie spit up on the floor and Jaden ran to get a bib and wiped her face and the floor! I couldn't believe it! He is so smart and so sweet. He even shares his toys with her! He even tries to pick her up now and hold her, and give her hugs and kisses all the time. I love my kids sooo much and I am so grateful for the sweet spirits that they are. I love that they are both so different and have their own personalities, but they are both extremely sweet kids. I love being their mama!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I did a tag...I'm bored :)

10 People Who Mean a lot to you...(not in any order!)
1. Jaden
2. Kaylie
3. AJ
4. my mom
5. Megan
6. Nicole
7. Ryan (my brother! lol)
8. Desiree
9. Angie
10. my dad

9 Things you Love...
1. chapstick
2. internet
3. chick flicks
4. pizza
5. pictures
6. hugs and kisses
7. music
8. candy
9. being tan

8 Things you Hate...
1. spiders
2. seafood
3. when people don't say thank you
4. baseball (sorry Mom and Walt)
5. being lied to
6. when people ask if my kids are adopted
7. waking up early
8. doing dishes

7 favorite foods
1. pizza
2. creamy chicken pesto alfredo
3. homemade bread
4. apple juice chicken
5. chicken nuggets
6. creamy chicken pesto lasagna
7. ritz cracker chicken

6 things you said today...
1. I love you
2. shoot me in the face
3. Jaden, please don't put rocks in your mouth
4. Wanna go outside?
5. It's nap-nap time
6. What should we eat for dinner?

5 things you did today.....
1. played outside with the kids
2. watched football
3. took a nap
4. made cookies
5. did the dishes

4 of your favorite stores....
1. Target
2. Walmart
3. Charlotte Russe
4. Ross

3 things you'd take to a deserted island...
1. music
2. chapstick
3. food

2 of your favorite cookies....
1. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
2. sugar cookies

1 person you miss right now...
1. AJ

Gardner Village

On Friday the kids and I had our pictures taken professionaly at Gardner Village. I am so excited to see how they turn out. My sister Megan came to help out with the kids and she took a few pictures during it. Thanks for your help Megan!

Friday, October 17, 2008

More random thoughts...

Today Jaden, Kaylie and I got our pictures taken by the famous Abbey! She has done Nicole and Rebecca's family and she is awesome. I can't wait to see how they turn out! Nicole did my hair, she is a come other people always do my hair better?

I am really sad that the Cougars choked against TCU last night. I really felt like this was going to be our year. Our BCS dreams are shattered once again for the season. But I still love our Cougars! And I just pray that we get our act together and kill the Utes!

Speaking of football...Tony Romo out for 4 weeks because of a broken pinkie. AJ shared the news with me early Monday morning and boy that was hard to take. Let's hope the 2nd string QB pulls through.

I absolutely love that Jaden loves music so much. I think he may end up liking it more than me, if that's even possible. He always walks to my computer and whines and dances, meaning to turn the music on. He is always dancing whenever he hears any kind of music. Today at Gardner Village they were playing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and he instantly stopped walking and starting dancing. It was awesome. Maybe he'll be a famous dancer one day...

AJ was offered a reallllly good job today. I won't go into too much detail just in case he doesn't want me to say anything more, but I am so proud of him! He's the greatest!

I may not have a dishwasher, but I have my best friend Nicole. :) Literally every time she comes over to my house she washes my dishes. I guess she just likes to, so I don't mind. I really appreciate it. I get so tired of washing dishes by hand day after day.

I love Brooke and Derek on Dancing with the Stars. They are my favorite! I hope they win it all. I have always loved Derek, I think he is such a goof ball, but such a sweetheart, not to mention so talented. And I've always liked Brooke Burke, and wow she is an amazing dancer. Warren is also amazing too! He is so cute. He's like a big teddy bear. I love DWTS.

If you are looking for a new CD to purchase or download...The Year of the Gentleman, Ne-yo! It's the greatest CD. His music is awesome, keeps me singing and dancing with a big smile on my face. His voice is beautiful, but his writing is even better. He rocks.

Hairspray is a really cute movie, I'm watching it right now...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

vote vote vote!!!

I got this off of my friend Nicole's blog. Thanks Nicole! The following video is of Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist and Campaign Manager for the 2000 Al Gore campaign. If she looks familiar, that's because she's also a CNN contributor and a Democratic Super Delegate. What she says is interesting, it breaks my heart that not too long ago, she really was told to go to the back of the bus.

I read a really cool billboard the other day while I was driving...
"Vote for the person, not the party"

I hope everyone is going to vote! And when you do, PPPPLEASE vote for whoever you feel will be the best candidate. Don't let other's opinions or comments effect who you believe in. The quote I saw on the billboard totally made me think about how I grew up, just thinking that I had to be republican because of my religion or what my parents thought. I'm excited because this is the first election where I actually know what each candidate thinks about all the issues. Otherwise, I would have just voted for the party and not the actual candidate.

Don't forget to vote on November 4th!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Totally random thoughts...

Totally random thoughts...

I love One Tree Hill - I think it is one of the best shows ever! I borrowed all 5 seasons on DVD from Nicole's sister in law. I think I watched them all in about 2 months. Now I am watching Season 6 on TV every Monday night.

I think Clorox wipes are one of the best things ever invented. They clean everything right up, and disinfect!

I can't wait for this election to be over with! I am so tired of hearing the political drama from everyone. Don't get me wrong, I do care about who the next president will be and I am definitely voting for who I feel will be the best president, but I just can't wait for it to all be over! November 4Th can't come soon enough!

I do not appreciate being told by someone I really cared about that he didn't want to date me because of my kids. He tells me this after we already had a relationship, but tells me this before he yells at me and calls me stupid, and blames me for causing drama in his life. I guess maybe he doesn't know the definition of "player."
He's lucky he told me this over the phone because I would have slapped him so hard for involving my amazing, precious children. But thanks to him, it looks like I just made a new friend, so thanks! Enough said about that.

I love hats. I think they are awesome for when you still really want to look cute, but you are having a bad hair day or don't want to wash it. The lady I work for sells the cutest hats ever for a very affordable price. I have about ten of them! Oh and throwing a cute flower on it is even better, (she sells those, too.) Here is her website and you can see all the cute hats, even one that yours truly is modeling.

Cinnamon bears are my favorite. I eat a ton of them and I am not afraid to admit it. I'm like a pregnant woman when it comes to how much I eat them and crave them. (Don't worry I'm NOT pregnant!)

I do not like the cold weather, in fact I hate it. Yes, hate is a very strong word but I really do. I don't mind the snow. If it stayed in the 50's or 60's and still snowed that would be fine with me. I am living in the wrong state.

I did not adopt my children, I carried them both in my belly. Yes, they are "Irish twins" only 10 months apart, and no I'm not crazy. :)

I have become quite the homebody. I enjoy staying inside, playing with my kids and relaxing. I think for the most part I really just hate getting 3 people ready and having a time limit to get out the door. I get pretty stressed out with Jaden whining and Kaylie screaming while I'm trying to get myself ready. And then by the time I'm all cute and ready, I'm sweating because I'm running around chasing them and trying to get us all out the door. I don't know how you mom's of 2 or more kids do it sometimes! And still manage to have a smile on your face.

Okay so I just rambled on. My kids are napping and I really wanted to blog. I don't know about you, but I enjoy reading other people's blogs of random thoughts. It's always nice to get to know someone better.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kaylie Nicole is 6 months old!

Kaylie had her 6 month appointment today, shots and all. :( 5 shots to be exact, not fun! Other than the shots it was a good appointment. Dr. Glade was so impressed with her development. He couldn't believe his eyes when Kaylie almost crawled right off of the table! He had to look at her file and check to see how old she was, it was pretty funny. She is in the 98% for height at 28 inches tall; and 55% for weight, weighing in at 16 lbs 4 oz. Don't ask me how it is possible that she is so tall! But she'll stop growing I'm sure and be a shorty like her mama.

So today I let her try to drink out of a sippy cup for the first time and of course I had to take pictures. I think these pictures should be on an advertisement for sippy cups, they are so darn cute!

And here she is crawling, this was yesterday and she is already much better than this video!

I got tagged, and I love it

8 TV Shows that I love to watch
1. One Tree Hill
2. The OC
3. Friends
4. Dancing with the Stars
5. American Idol
6. The Bachelor
7. 90210
8. Big Brother

8 favorite Restaurants
1. Robintino's
2. Pizza Factory
3. Wildflower
4. Godfather's Pizza
5. Claim Jumper
6. Sizzler
7. Pei Wei
8. Macaroni Grill

8 Things that happened yesterday
1. drama...being blamed for something I didn't even do, I feel bad for the girl that is being lied to by someone she loves...
2. watched the Cowboys lose :(
3. played with the kids
4. took a nap
5. blogged
6. cleaned
7. laundry
8. talked on the phone

8 Things I am looking forward t0
1. going to San Jose to see AJ
2. starting cosmetology school
3. Thanksgiving - my mom coming
4. Christmas
5. family pictures this Friday
6. American Idol starting
7. the future...
8. the Jennifer Aniston movie

8 things on my wish list
1. money
2. lose 30 pounds
3. all my walls painted
4. hair extensions
5. new jeans
6. eliptical
7. pizza
8. Coach purse

Sunday, October 12, 2008

AJ and Lauren

...about 10 months later became Daddy and Mommy

and another 10 months later :)

our beautiful babies...Jaden and Kaylie

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Brindley!!!

Today was Brindley's 2nd birthday party. It was a costume party for all the kiddies! It was so much fun. I took some really cute pictures of all the fun! Jaden was dressed up as a Cowboys football player (of course!) and Kaylie was a pretty little princess. And the star of the party, Brindley was Ariel aka Little Mermaid!!! All the kids looked adorable in their costumes.

Jaden aka Tony Romo
Nicole and Brindley
my little princess and I

Ariel and Romo playing together. I kept trying to
get them to hug, but it didn't work. She was all about
hugging him, but he kept turning away.
Brindley got lots of fun presents! And Jaden was dying
to play with them.
Nicole made this fabulous Little Mermaid cake!
Rebecca and Sadie - she looked soooo cute in her fairy costume!
Gabe the dinosaur and Gracie the ferry!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked outside this morning to my car and saw snow falling down. YUCK! I couldn't believe how cold it was, too! The past couple months the weather has been great, I love fall weather. I'm glad I got to do a lot of fun things before I hybernate for a few months. I got to enjoy family barbecues, playing soccer outside with Jaden and my nieces. Going on walks with Jaden and Kaylie in the stroller. Nicole and I had a shoe party outside in her front yard. I love the fall nights, where it's cool enough to wear a cute jacket or sit outside on the porch and talk on the phone with my mom or Ryan. Now Halloween is just around the corner and I can't wait to do all the fun Halloween things this month. Ryan and I started it off by going to a haunted house with his kids. It was so much fun! We weren't sure if his kids were going to last through it at first, but actually it was me that was the scaredy cat! His two youngest, Tyson and Dylan were holding onto Ryan, so since I couldn't hold onto Ryan, his oldest son Brayden held my hand the whole way. It was pretty cute. Ryan and his boys kept teasing me because I was so scared. Even though I get scared, I love haunted houses! Later in the week Ryan and I were watching a movie and something made us think of smores, and Ryan got the brilliant idea to roast marshmallows on his stove! So we ran to the store and got what we needed and had smores before we went to bed! How fun is that?! Even though I hate the cold weather, I must admit I love cuddling up under a blanket, sitting by the fire, wearing hoodies, cute jackets, and watching the snow fall. Anyway, back to the kids and I are going to Brindley's 2nd birthday party which is a costume party - it'll be so fun for the kids! This year for Halloween I will get to be with AJ and our kids in San Jose. We will go trick or treating and hand out candy to all the cute trick or treaters once our kids go to bed. I'm very excited for the vacation and to be a little family. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's official...

Kaylie is sitting up and crawling!!! She is not even 6 months yet! (Although she will be tomorrow.) But I think it's pretty cool! I don't have a video of her crawling yet, but I will post one soon.

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