Saturday, August 29, 2009

my silly kiddies

Friday, August 28, 2009

Foto Friday

Earlier this week we went with some friends to the Kangaroo Zoo so the kids could have some fun. Here are a few pictures from our fun day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my friend Ashley who babysits my kids a couple days a week. My kids love going to her house and playing with her little boy Corgan. I feel so comfortable knowing that my kids are in good hands. Thank you so much Ashley!

I am thankful for Big Brother. :) I absolutely love that show. Every summer I get so excited for it to be on. I don't know what it is about it, but I just love it! This season is really good. I'm rooting for Jeff and Jordan all the way.

I am thankful for Justin and what a great guy he is. He took the kids and I out to dinner last night and it meant so much to me. My kids love him and he is so good with them.

I am thankful for my brother Ryan coming over today to play with the kids. It allowed me to get away for a few and go tanning and relax.

I am thankful for my dishwasher and ice maker.

I am thankful for Billy Blanks. He kicked my butt today! :)

I am thankful that I have a really good Fantasy Football team this season.

I am thankful that it's almost football time!

I am thankful that my mom is coming to visit next week! It will be so fun!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So-so Sunday

This past Thursday was my 25th birthday. I'm finally 25! I've always wanted to be 25. I think it sounds like the perfect age, I wouldn't mind staying 25 forever. Let's just hope this year is a good one. My sister Megan and I went to The Pie Pizzeria for dinner, just her and I. It was so nice to have sister bonding time without my kids taking my all of my attention. Nicole babysat my kiddies, thanks Nicole! I had a great weekend, celebrated it with Justin. His birthday was the day after mine so it was fun to share our birthdays with each other. We went out to the Pizza Factory last night and then went bowling. I honestly used to be pretty good at bowling, but man oh man did I suck it up last night! I didn't even break 100 on the first game. It was still a lot of fun though!

Jaden and the whole potty training thing has been pretty frustrating for me the past week. He started off sooo well with hardly any accidents, but now the past week he has been having accidents all the time. I'm really struggling with knowing whether he is really ready or not. He still can't tell me when he needs to go potty. Maybe he c
an, he just doesn't. I've just decided to not push it on him so much and keep him in pull ups and let him go on the potty as much as he wants. We'll see how it all goes. My next battle is going to be taking the binkie away at night. ahhhhhh!

Kaylie has come up with a new facial expression, she does it all the time. I love it, her silly smile!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Talkative Tuesday

Jaden and Kaylie are becoming better friends everyday. They have a lot of fun together and love each other so much. Jaden loves to give her hugs, especially in the morning when they first wake up. This morning I laid in bed listening to them talk to each other when they woke up. Kaylie coughed a little bit and I hear Jaden say "Kiki, okay, Kiki?" And I heard her say "yeah!" How cute is that?

Kaylie sleeps in crazy positions. She loves to sleep with a blanket or pillow over her head. The other day I went in to check on her while she was napping and all I saw was her little bum sticking up in the air. I thought it was so cute, I had to take a picture.

Jaden is pretty much potty trained! He wears boxer briefs or underwear all day and an overnight pull-up at night. This morning he woke up and his pull-up was completely dry! That's amazing for him because he is a peeing machine. He still has a couple of accidents a day or every couple days, but overall he is doing awesome. I'm so proud of him.

On Sunday we went to the grocery store and I let Jaden push around the little carts that they have for kids. He loves doing that. He likes to sneak in random foods. I ended up with turkey gravy, lemon-lime kool aid, sprinkles, and macaroni and cheese. I didn't realize this until after we paid for them and I was unloading the groceries. Silly boy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Flashback Friday

My family 1985...I was only 1!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Talkative Tuesday

I finally succeeded at getting rid of my kids' using sippy cups during the night. It's a habit I wish I had never started, going to bed with sippies, but thankfully my kids are weened from them. Now my next project, potty training Jaden tomorrow! I'm really excited. I went and bought him big boy underwear tonight and I am determined to get my little man potty trained. Wish me luck!

Kaylie is saying new words everyday. It's so much fun being able to communicate with her easier. This morning Jaden was hiding under the crib and she said "are you?" It made me so happy! It's how Jaden says where are you? so she copied him and knows what it means.

Even though we just moved into a 3 bedroom condo, I still decided to keep Jaden and Kaylie together in the same room. They just love being together and talking to each other before they go to sleep and when they wake up in the morning. They are buddies. Sometimes I will stand outside their door and listen to them after I put them in bed. Jaden will say "lay down Kiki!" or "Kiki put blanket on!" It's so cute hearing them communicate with each other.

Jaden and Kaylie's new favorite way to eat..."stab it!" They actually use the mixing beaters and stab their food and eat it. The other day Jaden was hysterical and I couldn't get him to calm down and I saw a beater on the counter so I thought of something quickly and it worked. :) Whatever works, right?!

I watched Brindley today and Jaden had so much fun playing with her for a few hours. They played with toys, watched shows together and cuddled in the pack n play and in my bed. They are good friends! They are like brother and sister, they fight like it but love each other.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kaylie dancing :)

bye bye bye! :)

kiddies dancing :)

their favorite song :)

Flashback Friday

Jaden saw this picture on my computer today and said "mommy!"
Not Mommy, it's Grandma!

Here is Mommy!

And here is mommy with a fro and black skin! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my kids and how 80% of the time they are good kids. :) Today I had to take them to the doctor with me and they did so well. They just sat there on the chairs and waited patiently while the doctor checked me. I was so proud of them. My doctor kept saying how awesome they were and how well-behaved. After we left I bought them Sonic french fries for being so good. :)

I am thankful for music and how happy it makes my kids and I. Jaden and Kaylie LOVE to listen to my music and dance. Jaden always asks me for the "higher" song. It's called You Light My Fire by Snoop Dogg and Mr. Capon-e, it's on my playlist. They absolutely love it. Jaden sings it a lot throughout the day. Also the Taylor Swift song, You Belong with Me. They are awesome :)

I am thankful for AJ and his efforts to be an awesome dad and help out as much as he can. He does a great job!

I am thankful for my brother Ryan and that my kids have him around to play with. He is such a great uncle. He loves Jaden and Kaylie so much and they love him. I am also thankful that he is always happy to babysit and help me out.

I am thankful for our new home. It's so nice to be in a new, clean, gorgeous, safe place.

I am thankful for my dishwasher. Even though it needs to be fixed (the guy is coming tomorrow), I LOVE not having to hand wash dishes anymore.

I am thankful that Jeff won the Coup de tat on Big Brother tonight! yay! I love JEFF :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, monday, monday

This past week has been crazy busy! We are finally all moved into our new place and I love it! Jaden and Kaylie seem to like it a lot now. Jaden had a hard time adjusting to it at first. His crib broke during the move so I had to use the pack 'n play for Kaylie's bed, and I put Jaden in her crib. We also didn't have cable for a few days so Jaden wasn't able to watch his shows. There were just a lot of changes for him and he was having a hard time. The second morning we were here in our new house he said "mommy I want go home" - it about broke my heart! He is doing a lot better now, although we are all sick with colds. And thanks to a new friend I made, Jaden got a new crib! Saved my life! We are only a few yards away from a park which he loves. The kids have so much fun playing on it every morning.

So we moved in to our new place last Monday, of course the night of the Bachelorette finale! I didn't have my cable set up, no internet either. I wasn't able to watch the finale and I actually still haven't watched it. I'm really bummed I missed it. My mom called me with the "play by play" every half hour or so. I was really bummed that she picked Ed. I think he is sooo boring. But I'm glad she is happy. I'm really excited for the next Bachelor. I actually read online today that the producers are thinking of having Mike on from this season of the Bachelorette and his twin brother! I think that would be cool. The twin Bachelors! :) Mike is awesome, I really liked him. He's hot, too!

This morning the kids and I took a nap around 9:45 and we woke up to my kitchen flooded! We woke up just in the nick of time because the water was inches away from hitting the carpet! Jaden and Kaylie had a blast jumping around and falling down all over the floor while I stressed out and said some cuss words as I tried to clean it all up. I used all 10 or 15 of my towels to get it cleaned up. The stupid dishwasher had leaked out all over the floor. I'm not exaggerating, it was covered about an inch or two high of water covering the whole entire floor. Of all things I was most excited about moving into this place, a dishwasher! No more washing my dishes by hand every night. Anyway, my landlord came over and hopefully fixed the problem, but we will see.

Tonight the whole family got together at Rock Creek Pizza for my dad's birthday dinner. It was fun to see everyone and of course eat good food.

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