Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fake friends

You just have to learn to forget about the people that forgot about you

Tonight I googled "fake friends" and that is one of the quotes I found. Less than a year ago I became "friends" with some great girls. Looking back, I realized they were only my friends. I wasn't considered their friend. They didn't truly care about me or my children. I did a lot for them and their families. I never noticed it was all one-sided. My problem is is that I believe in people too much and want to be loved like that in return. I guess I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm tired of being the friend that is convenient for someone to have around and easy to kick to the curb. 
I am thankful for the true friends that I do have in my life. The friends that support me and love me through all of my strengths and weaknesses. You know who you are.

West Jordan park

 Thanks to Matt, we discovered a new park the kids can play at. They absolutely love it. I am pretty sure it's the best park I've ever seen. It has so many things to play on and with. Here are some fun pictures I took when we went there a few days ago.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 2010 pictures

 Our good friend Matt is a photographer and was sweet enough to take my kids' pictures. He did an awesome job! We had so much fun at the West Jordan park where he took them at. Thanks a bunch Matt!

Friday, September 24, 2010

fill in the blank friday

1.   In the story of my life the actor who would play me would be  Sandra Bullock...I just love her.

2.  If I could change one thing about the world it would be       no crazy child molestors or abusers .

3.  Yesterday      was a good day! My good friend Matt took my kids' pictures at the park and they turned out amazing. Then Jamie and I took the kids to Yogurtland and got a yummy treat .

4.  My favorite comfort food is        homemade bread .

5.  My new favorite blog find is    I don't really have a favorite, just all my friends and family on my list.

6.  If I could meet any blog friend (who I haven't met yet) in real life, I'd choose to meet   Bridget! We have a lot in common and we both LOVE Big Brother :) .

7.  My favorite breakfast food is       homemade waffles or scrambled eggs   .

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jaden and Kaylie =)

It is sooo nice to have Jaden and Kaylie back with me. They've been with their daddy so much this summer, it's nice to get back into a routine! Jamie and I made the long drive out to San Jose to pick them up last week. 
Jamie waited at the hotel while I went and picked them up from AJ's house. They didn't know I was coming because when I knocked on the door I heard them say "
who's at the door?" When they opened it, Kaylie's face was PRICELESS...she put both hands on her cheeks and said, "Mommy!" in her sweet, soft voice. It melted my heart! Jaden got a huge smile on his face and they both started saying "mommy! mommy!" They were so excited to come back home with us, but also sad to say goodbye to Daddy. That night we stayed in a really gross, ghetto hotel. The first room we got in was NOT clean at all, we had to ask for another one. The next one was decent, but we learned our lesson, never stay in a cheap hotel again! 

Since we've been back home we have done a lot of fun things. We took the kids to the park and they rode their bikes around everywhere. Jaden is such a good bike rider! He doesn't even cry when he falls down, he just gets up and says, "ca-chow!" (just like Lightning McQueen.) 

We took them to see the movie Shrek 3 on Wednesday night. Jamie and the kids ate a bunch of popcorn and we had a great time. 

We went to the zoo on Thursday. We had a lot of fun! The kids loved the train ride and the carousel. They also loved the little ancient room where they got to play drums, and hear a nice lady read them a story about a crocodile and a monkey. It was really cute to watch them be so fascinated with the story. 

I am so in love with my children! They are the best! I love hearing the cute things they say and watching them grow and learn. 

Jaden is my smart, sweet, sensitive, happy, energetic boy. He's my little energizer bunny. He keeps going and going and going. :) He starts his day bright and early, as soon as the "sun is awake." He is full of questions and wants to know everything. He also still remembers everything. His little brain is full of information and memories. I am just in awe of the things he remembers and talks about. He is sooo smart. He is extremely sensitive, which is okay with me. I love that he is my sweet boy. :) When I have to discipline him, I can't really yell or raise my voice because he will just cry and cry. I have to be very careful how I discipline him. (Kaylie, on the other hand, I can yell at her and it hardly phases her.) Lol :) 
His favorite things lately are...cars of course! Thomas the train, any trains, riding his bike, licorice, books, coloring or painting and singing. His favorite tv shows are Kick Buttowski, Dora, Toot and Puddle, Team Umizoomi and Little Einsteins.  

Kaylie is my sweet, sassy, feisty, pretty, helper, little princess. :) She goes around the house DAILY, spinning in her dress saying "I am PRINCESS!" She loves to help me and do anything and everything I'm doing, even repeating what I say to Jaden if he is in trouble. It's pretty cute. She is still full of attitude. :) She hates being restricted from anything. Most of the time I change her clothes or pull up she throws a little tantrum. If I ask her to do something she doesn't want to do, bring on the tantrum. :) Oh my little Kiki, I love her! When she isn't in a diva mood, she is soooo sweet and cuddly. She LOVES to cuddle, hug and kiss. I take naps with her in her bed and she loves to hold my hand as we fall asleep. It's my favorite thing for sure. 
Her favorite things lately are...Dora, Dora, Dora. :) Barbies, ponies, mommy's stuff, singing, dress-up, books, coloring, pillows, and binkies. Both of the kids LOVE to sing and will break out in song many times, day or night. Their favorite songs to sing are "Real Gone" which is the Cars theme song, and "Life is a Highway" and also Katy Perry's "California Gurls." I love it. I love when they sing. 

I just love my kids! Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

fill in the blank friday

1.   When I get a day to myself I like to sleep in, go tanning, watch tv, go to the gym, and just relax :)

2.  High school was...an interesting time in my life. I had some very good times, but very miserable times as well. The best thing was I had two great boyfriends (at different times obviously) to keep a smile on my face. 

3.  A little dream I have is swim with a dolphin.

4.  A big dream I have is to be Britney Spears' hairstylist! ha! j/k, well I'm actually serious, but really I do want to be a cosmetologist soooo bad.

5.  If I could drive any car my pick would be BMW please :)  or a yellow jeep wrangler

6.  A time that I felt really and truly beautiful anytime I go out on the town with Jamie and the way he looks at me and smiles and tells me how great I look. 
7.  Tomorrow I will...be watching the BYU game, hanging out with the kiddies and enjoying the warm weather while it lasts.

Friday, September 10, 2010

fill in the blank friday

1.   The strangest thing I've ever eaten is gumbo...ew

2.  I wouldn't be caught dead not wearing a bra in public.

3.  When I am 75 I will hopefully have lots of grandkids, kids, and be sitting in my rocking chair next to Jamie :)

4.  If I had to be named after a place I would want to be named ummm let's go with Monica, Santa Monica beach, lol. 

5.  My name is Lauren...named after...no one, my mom just liked the name. Who wouldn't though? hehehe j/k :)

6.  My all time favorite photo is...that is way too hard since I am a picture-taking freak! The one of me holding Jaden for the very first time in the hospital is probably the most meaningful. The day I became a mommy! And my future favorite photo will be my wedding day! (whenever that is!)

7.  If I could afford it I would buy a house with a big apartment/mother-in-law home in the backyard for my mom and Walt and Remi. Then I would buy a brand new car that won't break down on me! Then I would take Jamie and the kiddies to Disneyworld. :) Then go to a Dallas Cowboys football game!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my birthday week in Arizona!

Jamie spoiled me rotten for my 26th birthday which was on August 20th. He took Kaylie and I (Jaden was in Cali with Daddy) to Arizona to visit my mom and Walt. We stayed for the whole week before my birthday. He kept saying "it's your birthday week, so whatever you wanna do." :) Unfortunately, my camera broke the day before we left, so the first day we got there he surprised me...took me to Best Buy and let me pick out a camera. 
My mom watched Kaylie for the weekend and we got a hotel down in Scottsdale and had a fun night out. We went to Fashion Square which is the best mall ever. Jamie got some HOT new jeans and then we went to dinner at a really yummy, nice pizza restaurant called Grimaldi's. We then went out on the town in Old Towne Scottsdale. We went to a few different clubs and had a great time dancing. We woke up and soaked up the sun at the swimming pool and relaxed for the day. I absolutely LOVED laying in the comfy bed with all the white, fluffy pillows.

Kaylie had a lot of fun with Grandma and Grandpa. She isn't too fond of dogs lately so she spent most of the time on the couch avoiding Remi. But I think my mom didn't mind. :) We took her to the splash park one day and she had a lot of fun. 
She is such a little sweetie pie and full of personality. She loves to cuddle, including with Jamie. :)

We all went to Claim Jumper for my early birthday dinner. We had lots of yummy food and a free red velvet cupcake mmmmm.

One of the highlights of our trip was we got to see my good friend Colby. He is my gay friend and one of the coolest, sweetest, funnest guys I know. I love him tons! He drove us around in his fancy, new, silver Acura TL and we went to this restaurant called Fez. It was the coolest restaurant I have ever been. It was so funky and stylish and had delicious food. Jamie got some lamb chops with pesto sauce that were so good. I got a pesto green pasta and a martini with  Colby. The three of us had a great time together, lots of laughing and catching up. Love you Colby!!!
The last day we were there we went over to my friend Camille's in-law's to go swimming. It was a ton of fun. I'm bummed I didn't get any pictures, but we had a great time. Camille's little girl is the cutest ever and Kaylie had fun having a friend to play with. 

Kaylie and I went and had some girl time and met up with a good friend of mine, Erin. We worked together at Liberty Mutual and have stayed in touch since then. She is always so fun to chat with and is so supportive of everything I do. And she just LOVED meeting Kaylie and seeing how cute she is.

The night before we left we went to a Diamondbacks vs. Reds baseball game. It was Jamie's first time at an MLB game so it was a fun time! Unfortunately the D-backs lost, but we still had a good ole time.

We had such a blast there in Arizona, it's a bummer it had to end. I love it there and will always consider it home. As much as I want my mom to live here, its nice to have another place to call home. My mom and Walt are soooo good at making us feel welcome and I really appreciate that. Hopefully we will be back for Christmas!!! :)

Thank you Jamie for the best birthday week ever. I love you tons!

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