Saturday, June 11, 2011


Jaden turned 4 years old on June 2nd! He got to celebrate his birthday twice. :) We had a birthday party for him at my mom's house. Grandma got him a yummy Cars cake! He was so excited about. Thanks Mom for getting it and making Jaden so happy! He got lots of presents from his family and loved being the birthday boy. On his actual birthday we (Erick, me, Jaden, Kaylie and Megan) went to Leatherby's for dinner and then got some icecream. The Leatherby's employees sang Happy Birthday to him and had him stand up on his chair so everyone could see him. He felt pretty special. :)
I can't believe my little (big) boy is 4!!! Jaden is my angel! He is sooooo sweet and has such a tender, caring heart. He is so in tune with everything and everyone's feelings. His feelings get hurt soo easily. He is definitely very sensitive, but I'm okay with that. I'm grateful that he is a sweet and happy boy! He LOVES going to school everyday. He has so many friends there and absolutely loves his teacher Miss Lucy. Everyday he brings home a new craft he made with his name written on it. He can write his own name all by himself! And it even looks like his name! He is so smart and continues to blow my mind everyday. I love you Jaden and I'm soooo happy you're my son!!!

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