Wednesday, October 28, 2009

18 months for Kaylie!

My babygirl Kaylie is 18 months old now! Wow time has flown by. I still think of her as my little baby. It's amazing to me how much she has changed in just the past few months. She is growing up so fast. I look at pictures from the summer and she looks like a baby and now she looks like a big girl! I love her so much. She is still full of personality and attitude, I love it. She loves to tell Jaden and I no and loves to tease. She knows how to stand up for herself now since she was always picked on by Jaden and Brindley and couldn't really do anything about it. Now she will push them or take their toys and run the other way giggling. She may have her attitude, but she is such a little sweetie. She loves to give long hugs which are my favorite. She will just rest her head on my shoulder and hug me tight. She is learning new things all the time. She says hi and bye, she will answer questions with a yes or no, she says lots of small sentences and copies what Jaden says a lot. One of my favorite things she says is "touchdown!" and puts her hands up in the air. She does it when we are watching football of course. :) It's adorable. I love her soooooo much and am so thankful that she is my little girl.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of her taken the past couple of weeks...

18 months stats
34.5 inches tall - 98% (if this is accurate, she has grown 4.5 inches in 6 months!)
24 pounds - 60%

Monday, October 26, 2009

My little gymnast

I'm really thinking Kaylie will be a gymnast. She loves to jump, twist, spin, tumble, and walk on her hands. :)

Tickle tickle tickle!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hogle Zoo

Daddy, myself, Jaden, Kaylie, my sister Megan, Mindy and her little boy Gavin all went to the Hogle Zoo the other day. Us adults were just as excited as the little kids, or maybe even more! We started off the day with going on the "choo-choo train." Jaden was so excited that he was speechless. He just sat there biting his nails and looking around in disbelief. He loves to play with trains but has never rode on one before. He has been talking about it ever since. Kaylie had a lot of fun riding with Daddy.

We saw a lot of neat animals. I really wanted to see lions, but I guess they died a few years ago and one of the employees said they wouldn't have anymore for a long time. It was still fun to see all of the other animals, especially the baby elephant and baby giraffe.
Jaden and I stood together and watched the elephants for quite awhile. I pointed to the mommy elephant and said "look Jaden, that's the mommy elephant and that's the baby elephant next to her." He then said, "Yea Mommy, that's you!" (pointing to the mommy elephant) "And that's me, Jaden!" (pointing to the baby elephant.) How cute is that! And what a smart little boy. :)

We were sooo tired after, but had lots of fun!!!

Who wears short-shorts?

My sister Angie is hilarious. Last weekend my sisters and I went shopping together and on our drive home we were listening to the radio. A song came on and she turned it up loud and here's how the conversation went...

Angie: Ohhh who sings this song?
me: I have no idea.
Angie: Is it that girl who sings "Who wears short shorts!!!" (sings the tune of the Nair commercial, Who Wears Short-shorts"
me: (laughing so hard...) Angie, that's a commercial...
Angie: Well it's something about shorts and high-heels or something, I like that song. She's really popular.
me: Taylor Swift??? (still laughing)

Megan and I were laughing sooo hard. You had to be there...

Thursday, October 22, 2009


PPPPlease vote for my kids for a contest I have entered them in. Click HERE to vote. Kaylie is #24 and Jaden is #26. All you do is post it in a comment with their number and name. You can vote for both of them everyday, once a day. VOTE!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Good times with Daddy

The kids and I have been having fun with their daddy here. We have played at the park a lot and read lots of books and watched the movie Cars a million times. Cars is Jaden's new favorite movie. The kids have also stayed up way past their bedtime. AJ's mom got them each their own big, soft blankets.

On Wednesday afternoon we took the kids to The Living Aquarium in Sandy. My kids get in free because they are 2 and under so it was definitely worth it. They loved seeing all the "fishies" and especially loved the sharks. They were standing in front of the sharks for about 10 minutes just squealing, yelling, and giggling each time the shark would come in front of them. The family next to us were a cute little black family and they were very nice. The 2 year old little girl was adorable, hopefully Jaden's future girlfriend!
Kaylie wasn't too fond of the pretend frog that I sat on for a picture.

I love this picture of Daddy and Kaylie. :)

Jaden had to do a few more breathing treatments the past week, but for the most part he is all better. He was always such a good boy and would just sit and watch Cars while he did his treatment.

I have enjoyed sleeping in a few times and taking much needed naps. The first morning that I slept in, I came out and the kids were so excited to see me. AJ took a few pictures right when I woke up...

Here's Jaden talking to Grandma Katie on the phone. He loves talking on the phone, he listens so intently and talks so cute.

Here's Kaylie, just happy to be alive :) I love her big, cute smile!!!

She loves the computer....

The kids love their bath time!

Jaden knows his first and last name now. It's so cute when we ask him what his name is he says, "Nay-den Dames" aka Jaden James. It's adorable! He's so smart. I just love his cute personality and how sweet he is. Whenever I come back home from being gone with my friends or sisters he will say "mommy have fun?" "mommy played with friends" "mommy tan now" :) It's so fun to see their big smiles when I get home and get big hugs and kisses. I love my kids so much! It's been soooo nice to have a little break and do fun things with friends and family. But I do miss my babies when I'm gone!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jaden's breathing treatments

My poor little Jaden has been sick with a cold for the past couple of weeks. Well over the last few days I have noticed his breathing getting worse and he was wheezing a lot along with his constant cough. I took him to the doctor yesterday and the doctor gave him a breathing treatment and said it would be best to do it for the next few days. My son is an angel, he sat there for 10 whole minutes with the nebulizer on and just read a book. The doctor couldn't believe how well he just sat there and didn't cry or whine. I have had to do the breathing treatment a few times so far and each time he just sits there and watches Cars. I told him one time after he did it how awesome he did and so now every time he is done he will say "mommy, I did awesome." He melts my heart. I love him. I hope he gets better soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Same great taste, my butt!!!!!

I am mad at Kellogg's. I have been a dedicated eater of Froot Loops for over ten years now and what do they do? They go and add fiber to my favorite cereal ever. Then they say that it's the same great taste, NOT true! It doesn't taste great to me! So now what am I supposed to eat for breakfast?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am officially ghetto

My car window (the passenger side) broke this past spring and I haven't had the money to get it fixed and haven't put it as a priority because of the nice weather. Well now it's freezing cold and I definitely need to get it fixed. Hopefully soon! Well I tried to duct tape plastic to cover it, but that didn't quite work. It just blew right off both times I tried it. Tonight we had to drive my sister home so I bundled up the kids in hats and coats and blankets and off we went. Now most kids would have cried and screamed and complained the whole way because of the cold wind in their faces. NOT my kids! They were happy and content the whole time. They mostly just sat there and listened to music and smiled at me here and there. I couldn't believe how great they were. I love them so much and am so blessed to have such good kids. I love you guys. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gardner Village

This afternoon my kids and I went with my sister Megan to Gardner Village. I wanted to do something fun outside and take advantage of the last days of nice weather. We had fun walking around looking at the witches. Jaden and Kaylie loved the music that was playing really loud and danced around on the stage. We had to go to the bakery of course and get some yummy bread and cookies. Then we went to the petting zoo and Jaden had fun petting the animals. Kaylie didn't want anything to do with them. After a few minutes of looking at the animals Jaden got bored and started playing on the little bridge. Kaylie couldn't go up and down it because it was too steep so she decided to start crawling up it. Ewww I wasn't too happy about that, talk about dirty! Anyway, we had a great time and of course took tons of pictures! :)

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