Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm starting a new job on Monday (with the same company). I'll be doing patient collections. I'm a little nervous, but am glad I get to stay in the company. My current department is laying people off which is a total bummer because I LOVE my job. I am thankful for the opportunity and will make the best of it! 

Moving 3 times in one week? Yep, that's us. I'm pretty sure I broke a record! We are finally settled in our new apartment and it's been good. It's only one mile from work and the kids' school which is awesome. I'm very happy with it and the kids seem to be happy, too. (I'm pretty sure my family isn't too happy though because they were the ones that helped me move. lol :)

I hate not having cable. I hate not having dvr. I miss my shows!!! I'm sick of watching my shows online at work on Saturdays. Today is my last Saturday working so now I don't know how I'm going to watch my shows! Don't even get me started on missing this season of American Idol. I've heard nothing but good things about it and I can't even watch it. GRRRR! 

Thursday night my awesome sister babysat my kids so Erick and I could go on a date. We ate dinner at Pizza Factory and went bowling at Fat Cats. The first game I kicked his butt, and the second game he won by only a few points. I was quite proud of myself. :) We had such a good time together and I'm so thankful for my sister for giving us some alone time. My kids always love when Meme comes over because she does such fun things. This time they colored Easter eggs. :)

I'm tired of getting yelled at on the phone by a bunch of old, crabby people. Most of them that call in at work think they know everything and that their situation is the most important. I really really really hope and pray that I am not one of those grumpy, rude, miserable, selfish, old women. 

Did I mention I HATE not having cable?!?!


Alisha Chase said...

OH no! That's sad that your missing Idol this time Lauren!! Yahoo on the new job though. You will kick butt!! And i am glad you finally got settled in, even though you had to move around so much to get there! Life is only going up from here girl!

Anonymous said...

ok wow 3 moves in a wk...why is that? ?..glad u are finally settled in though...and hopefully u will have cable soon! lol

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