Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kaylie's Birthday

 Kaylie pretty much had two birthdays this time. Sunday is when we celebrated and had the birthday party with the family. Monday was her actual birthday and it was a great day just the four of us. We woke up early (like always) and got ready and had to take the Uhaul back. Jaden and Kaylie drove with AJ in the big truck and they loved it. Then we went to Ihop for breakfast. Kaylie got some pancakes with a smiley face on them and she loved those. Jaden got french toast and made sure he got a smiley face on his, too.
Kaylie's pretty new dress from Grandma. I LOVE IT!! and so did she :)

Then we went to Super Target and did some shopping. Kaylie picked out some cute polka dot bed sheets for her bed and a Barbie car for her Barbies, and a cute yellow checkered skirt. Jaden got a couple of trains because he was a good boy. :) After wearing ourselves out shopping we went home and took a long nap. Then picked up Megan and she came with us to eat at Texas Roadhouse. We all love that place. Kaylie kept saying she wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse all day. We had a great time celebrating her birthday.



Anonymous said...

OK for some reason i didn't think you were blogging anymore...i'm an idiot...but anyways lol now i know. durrrrrrrrrrr ..........ok wow what a big girl....time flies!!! I LOVE THAT DRESS... i think Ree needs one... :) where did she get it???...What a great Bday Miss Thang had!! You all look so happ! :)

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