Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to Kaylie!

 Kaylie turned the big 3! On Sunday night we had a family get together to celebrate. Everyone in my family came and I was so grateful for that. I'm so glad that my kids have such great people in their lives. The kids had so much fun playing together and helping Kaylie open her presents. She got some great stuff! Aunt Angie and Grandpa got her some adorable, girly books. Uncle RyRy got her a Princess Tiana dress that she LOVED and wanted to put on right away. Aunt Megan got her a fun Dora game. Grandma got her the cutest dress ever and a Dora doll. Uncle Golden and Aunt Crystal and their cousins got her an Amazon gift card. And her cousin Anya made her such a cute picture and gave her a cute bracelet. Nicole made an amazing Barbie cake! My friend Alli got Kaylie a pretty dress. It was so much fun to celebrate Kaylie's birthday! She loved her princess balloons and presents and being with everyone! Happy Birthday Kaylie!!!

 Nicole made this awesome cake!!! Thank you sooo much Nicole! Kaylie wanted a Barbie cake and still talks about it. :)

 all the grandkids!


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